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Becka Electrical technicians are experienced installers and Clean Energy Council Accredited trained to deliver efficient, high-quality work when installing grid connected solar power systems. We want our solar power systems to save you money, but we also want to do our part for the environment. Solar power can measurably reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions, while simultaneously providing domestic, commercial, and industrial markets reliable and cost-effective renewable energy solutions.


How Does Solar Power Work?

As their name suggests, solar panels convert energy from the sun into electricity. Because most homes in Australia are connected to the electricity grid which uses alternating current (AC), in order for you or your business to use the power produced from the solar panels an inverter is required to transform the DC electricity output from solar panels into AC electricity which is suitable for household appliances.


The benefits of using solar power are bountiful. Solar power is not only sustainable, but it is renewable energy source which means that we will never run out of it. By using our solar power systems, you will start to save money on your power bills.


 The installation of a solar power system will help reduce rude emissions and your carbon footprint. Once our solar power system is installed, only a small amount of maintenance is needed. There are also government rebates to be had that reduce the cost of installing the system.

Going Green

The initial costs of installing a PV system may seem overwhelming, but the truth is that the longer you have your system in place, the more money will be returned to your pocket in the long run. Not only that, but it’s important to keep up with the thousands of businesses already “going green” to help the environment and to stop polluting the air.

Becka Electrical has been LC Energy’s longstanding electrical contractor for solar PV and off-grid energy storage installations. We have continued to regard their services as second to none and their standard of work regularly receives compliments and praise from our valued customers. We know we can trust them to do an excellent job

Paul Riley

Director of LC Energy

Over the last 4 years we have used Jon and the team for many solar PV projects from 1kW to 100kWp. They provide very good service, good quality work and are good value for money – would recommend them to anyone requiring a residential-commercial solar PV installer. Jon is also quite helpful for complex projects that have significant planning and technical challenges.

Peter Drager

Regard Properties Pty Ltd

We use Becka Electrical for our solar and electrical needs in Brisbane. They are always polite on the phone and thorough on their professional services. Our customers give them great feedback after services. Whenever we needs an solar or electrical contractor, we use Becka Electrical.


Company Director of SolarWavelet

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